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Written by Jody Sproul, FNP-BC:

A dear colleague, mother, medical provider, wife, and a true inspiration, gave of herself to family, friends, patients; yet, every month she schedules something very special for herself. She schedules something that invigorates her spirit, fuels her passions, and fulfills a sense of accomplishment. It is a pre-planned, pre-paid passion. She can do it solo, with a friend, or a group of friends. It's a monthly 5k!

People have asked my colleague, “Why do you pay to run such a short distance as you could walk out your front door and run 3.1 miles? Why not spend the money to buy a treadmill and run in the convenience of your home?” However, for my colleague, a set date, an entry fee, a group to run with, and a time to compete against, gives her accountability, motivation, and excitement as she has a new race and a new experience to look forward to.

Her account is one of many describing a woman that seems to be able to do it all! Her secret – she invests in herself in order to give to others! She surrounds herself with a team of people sharing similar interests to help her achieve her goals. Here at Body by Signature we are your team and we will help you achieve your goals!

We offer the latest technologies in permanent, non-invasive fat loss solutions, muscle building and toning, as well as skin tightening. And, we cheer you on every step of the way! These treatments have been the motivating catalyst for many in our Charlottesville community to launch healthy lifestyles or enhance results. See what a few of my clients have said:

1. Motivation:

“After one treatment of EmSculpt not only did I feel tighter in my core, I was choosing healthier food options.”

“I went to the gym after having my EmSculpt treatment and have consistently gone since.”

2. Accountability:

“Knowing that I would weigh in at my treatments and follow-ups, daily held me accountable. I would weigh myself at home more.”

“Making the investment in permanent fat loss through Coolsculpting has made me want to move more and select healthier foods.”

3. Strength:

“With my EmSculpt treatments, I have been able to perform inversions in yoga that I was unable to do before.”

“I have been able to complete more sit-ups after my EmSculpt treatment.”

We know genetics, food selection, sedentary lifestyles, health conditions and a myriad of internal and external factors contribute to our current health or overall satisfaction with our body and well-being. At the end of the day, so many of us just need that little push to make those big changes. That is where we are here to help! So go ahead run that race, try that new hobby, take that trip – invest in yourself and we are behind you to the finish line and beyond!


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